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We work fast!
Repair time from 1 day! Diagnosis in your presence.
All works and their cost are agreed!
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Checking the hard drive - for free.
Testing the surface of the hard drive during any repairs - as a gift!*
* - with the consent of the client.
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Cleaning the cooling system for half the price!
When performing repairs that require disassembly of the laptop, we perform dust cleaning and replacement of thermal grease with a discount of 50%.
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Together cheaper!
Installing the OS on a laptop and cleaning the cooling system - 700 UAH
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Our Services.

We are located near the metro station Beresteyskaya. We will perform both repair and adjustment of your equipment.

Computer Repair
Qualitative diagnostics and professional repair of PC.

Laptop Repair
Component replacement and component repair.

Upgrading PC / Notebook
Give your computer a second life, installing more powerful components.

Replacing the notebook screen
Replacement of screens (monitors) within 2-4 hours.

Cleaning the cooling system
Cleaning of radiators and housing from dust and replacement of thermal grease.

Replacement of connectors
Replacement of USB, audio, power connector.

Repair of monitors
Repair LCD monitors of any complexity.

Recovery after flooding
Keyboard replacement, recovery after spilling liquid onto the laptop.
Repair of the notebook case
Recover or replace the case parts of laptops.

Help in choosing PC / Laptop
Consultations on the selection of computer equipment.

Installing Operating Systems
Install Windows, Linux, software. Workplace setup.

We will find out the reason and quickly eliminate it.


Service center for laptops and computers repair - advantages and guarantees.

Performing repairs, we use quality components and tools. Masters have many years of experience and extensive experience in repairing computer equipment. We understand the "iron" and orient in the "sick places" of a particular brand or model. After performing the repair, we advise the client how to avoid such situations in the future. We give a guarantee for the repairs done - up to 3 months.

Guarantee with observance of all obligations is 3 months

Laptop cleaning at a super price!

  • without disassembly - 190 UAH
  • partial disassembly - 250 UAH
  • full disassembly - 290 UAH

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We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions - this information can be useful.

Are your prices real? The price can be changed in the process of work?
We are supporters of honest earnings and we announce current prices without hidden charges and additional fees. works. A change in cost is possible, but this only happens for technical reasons if additional defects are found. Basically, after carrying out the diagnosis, the sounded cost does not change. If the repair process reveals the need for additional work - we immediately report this andwe agree on changes in terms and prices. We fix minor defects for free often, and we conduct exhaustive consultations of clients - also completely free of charge.
Windows fallss Often
If you often have to reinstall the OS on a computer or laptop, you should pay attention to the status of the hard drive. Very often, due to surface damage, the system is malfunctioning. The reinstallation can help, since the files will be written to undamaged areas, but not for long. Therefore, before reinstalling the OS, we perform tests of hard drives for the presence of so-called BAD-blocks. If they are, then there is only one way out - replacing hard life with a new one.
Notebook does not turn on
There can be several options. Perhaps the memory has moved away - in this case, when the notebook is switched on, the indicators will light up, the cooler will make a noise, but it will not work any further. It helps to remove and reinstall the RAM module (you can wipe the contacts with a dry cloth). If the laptop does not turn on at all and does not show any signs of life - the first thing to check is the power supply. Probably, the wire is broken and the laptop does not turn on due to lack of power on the motherboard. You can try to remove the battery and try to turn on the laptop without it. These are the most painless cases. However, often it is necessary to conduct a deep diagnosis of the motherboard and do complex and expensive repairs.
Is it worth changing the thermal paste yourself?
If you are one of those who like to "frown" - you can try, of course. There are a lot of instructions. But this may require a special tool and just need to have a good thermal paste. We believe that everyone should do the work, so, still, we advise you to contact the service center where they will open correctly, correctly apply and close correctly, after which they will test the laptop well for overheating.
Do I need to update my Windows?
We advise you to install all updates of Windows OS, as this will at least secure the work on the Internet, and as a maximum - will speed up the PC. The risk that "zaglyuchit", of course, is. But when working with the Windows family it always is :)
Can somebody crack my Wi-Fi password?
If WEP encryption is installed, the network is more vulnerable than with WPA / WPA2, but under the conditions that the password is not easy this process will take a hacker a lot of time. Experiencing is not worth it, and you can always look in the control panel of the router who is connected to the network.
I want my computer / laptop to be repaired at my home / office
We are the parties to the fact that the repair should be done exactly in the workshop. This position is due to the fact that at home or in the office we do not have a pre-set amount of time, there is not at hand all the necessary tools for work and diagnostics, there are no testing components. If the repair provides for soldering, then you should understand for yourself that in an apartment or office environment an adequate master will not produce this repair. And even more so to promise a free exit. We choose you, but we warn that after those who undertake to clean the laptop or solder the monitor in your home, we often take this same technique for recovery after an unqualified repair. On these repairs will cost more.
We carry out qualitative repair of laptops, computers, mounts, and also we set up this technique. Our service center is located near the metro station Beresteiska. We are also close to Shulyavskaya metro station (Shulyavka). We will be glad to see you as our Customer!
The price of work.

The prices listed on the website are final.
All changes in the cost of repairs are agreed in advance and substantiated by facts.

Cleaning the dust from laptop
Without disassembly - 250 UAH
Partial disassembly - 300 UAH
Full disassembly - 400 UAH
from 250 UAH

Replace the keyboard
Without disassembly - 150 UAH
Partial disassembly - 200 UAH
Full disassembly - 600 UAH
from 150 UAH

Replacing the notebook screen
Replacing the laptop screen in Kiev.
The price is for work, the screen is purchased separately.
from 200 UAH

Repair after flooding
Recover your laptop after getting water, tea, coffee or other liquid
from 700 UAH

Assembling computers to order.
Office - 450 UAH
Pro - 650 UAH
Selection of components - 250 UAH
from 250 UAH

Repair of the PC
We will diagnose and repair your computer.
Emergency computer repair (from 2 hours).
from 150 UAH

Repair of computer accessories
Repair of motherboards, video cards, power supplies and other components.
from 200 UAH

Repair of LCD monitors
17-19" - from 350 UAH
21-22" - from 450 UAH
22-26" - from 600 UAH
from 350 UAH

Installing and Configuring the OS
Install Windows and the necessary set of programs. * We do not install pirated software!
from 250 UAH

Configuring routers and networks
We'll make a router, connect a computer, a laptop, a tablet to the network.
from 250 UAH

Setting up a new computer / laptop
Set up a new computer or laptop for work, play, entertainment
from 350 UAH

Remove viruses in your computer or laptop
Scanning with antivirus software and professional removal of viruses from your operating system.
from 300 UAH
Still have questions? We are always happy to help you!

During non-working hours we continue to receive your applications and questions! As soon as possible - we will contact you!

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